Ian Levasseur is a Los Angeles based Director of Photography and Camera Operator who has been working in the Film & Television Industry for the last eighteen years. His projects have ranged from music videos, commercials, and films, to industrials, sizzle reels, concert tour films and a wide variety of TV Shows.

Ian has filmed thousands of hours and hundreds of episodes of Nationally Broadcast HD Programming for National Geographic, NBC, History, Spike, CBS, MTV, HGTV, Discovery, Food Network and many more. His various projects have taken him to over sixty countries throughout the world and forty six States where he has filmed Emmy Award winning shows like “Relic Hunter” for the Travel Channel in countries such as Nepal, India, Romania, Suriname, Morocco, Benin, Peru and Togo. He has filmed voodoo ceremonies in Africa, Electric Eels in the Amazon, U.N World Heritage sites throughout Europe, Olympic Snowboarders in British Colombia and swimsuit models in Cuba.

His love of music has had a huge influence on his work. Ian has filmed a wide variety of music projects – from indie to major label – to create tours films, music videos and concerts. He has filmed bands that cover the spectrum of the music industry: from Wu Tang Clan, Duran Duran, B.B. King, to the White Stripes, Beastie Boys, Janes Addiction, Foo Fighters and Beck.  In addition to shooting hundred of live shows over the years he has also Produced tour films with The Chemical Brothers and The Beta Band.

Ian is a certified Steadicam Owner/Operator, an 18’ jib operator and he has received extensive HD and lighting training from the Sony Training Institute. He owns a large equipment package that includes cameras, lights, audio, jib, steadicam and grip gear (which you can see on the equipment page) and he has experience shooting with many different formats and cameras including: 16/35mm, 4k, HD CAM, XDCAM, RED, SxS, DVCPRO HD, HDV, RED, P2, Digi Beta and DV.

Ian can work comfortably on a crew of 100, or guerilla style as a one-man band, having worked in both capacities as a Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Audio Mixer and Field Director on numerous shows. Ian loves to collaborate with Directors, Producers and other camera ops in order to achieve the best possible production – regardless of budget. His positive attitude, experience, knowledge and enthusiasm are a benefit to any production.

Ian earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication from Arizona State University, where he graduated with highest honors (Summa Cum Laude).